jboydt(a.k.a. Boyd Trolinger)

Most of my programming has been in C++, and I also have done a lot of work in x86 assembly, BASH script, Java, JavaScript, and PHP. I have some experience using Objective-C for Mac OS X, and I have done a lot of web programming, mostly using LAMP. I have dabbled in Ruby, Python, Scala, Lisp, SmallTalk, and D (OK, I'll admit it -- I have also dabbled in C# and PowerShell scripting). I have become a big fan of JavaScript because of jQuery (awesome!), Node.js (also awesome!), and Unity (terrific!).

I enjoy designing board games, and text adventures for the computer, and I hope you'll see some of my video game designs produced by P.S.P. in the not-too-distant future. Creating engaging experiences is what attracts me the most to game design.


I have been teaching computer programming at a community college in northern California for 10+ years, most of my courses being in C++, Java, and x86 assembly. I also teach an introductory course in game design, in which we use GameMaker to implement student game designs. Occasionally I teach web programming using JavaScript and PHP. Jooms is presently working with me as my teaching assistant for C++, Java, and game design.

Programming/Game Design

Because programming and game design have been my source of income (i.e., my work) for so many years I have never really taken the time to use my skills to further my own interests before now. P.S.P. is my opportunity to do something rewarding, for myself, with the skills I have been developing for many years.


I'm the board gamer. I have a large and ever-growing collection of designer board games, and a major part of my travels is locating the board game stores in every town I visit. My video gaming history goes back to Pong and the early arcade games (shout out for Robotron, Donkey Kong, and Defender), and the Atari 2600. While in college I fell out of touch for several years with the video gaming life, though I have reconnected over the last several years. On the balance I prefer console gaming (XBox/PS3), but in recent months I find myself spending more time gaming on my PC.