Jooms(a.k.a. James Krepelka)

I'm a programmer with a little experience with Java, C++, VBScript, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and most recently, AJAX. Much of this is a combination of Computer Science courses and self-teaching. I try to keep my coding skills as sharp as I can at all times by usually moving forward on more than a few programming projects at any given time.

When it comes to game design, other than the course that started me on my path (Intro to Game Design), all of my "training" comes from spending a lot of time both studying and designing games. It's something I enjoy so I end up putting a lot of hours into this.


I'm a student that's working towards a Computer Science degree and in the mean time I work as a teacher's assistant for Boyd (a Computer Science professor).

Programming/Game Design

I've been programming for a few years now but I've been a heavy gamer for as long as I can remember. After Boyd taught me the basics of programming, I enrolled in his "Intro to Game Design" course. During the class I was able to use my programming skills to do some really cool things with game engine we worked with and I had a great time. I'd never had as much fun programming normal things as I had programming mechanics into a game, and after I had found this exciting and interesting new reason to program, I didn't want to stop.


Out of the two of us, I'm the console gamer. I grew up on the N64 and the SNES with Golden Eye, Banjo Kazooie, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Madden NFL, and everything Mario that I could find. After that I went to the Xbox (and then to the Xbox 360) for every Halo and CoD up to Reach and MW3. Since my SNES days I've moved onto every major console and played at least a few games on each with most of my modern gaming taking place on the Xbox 360 and PC.